80 Pitt Street NSW

80 Pitt St. lies in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.  The building is a classic example of the Art Deco movement that defined Sydney’s architecture through the interwar decades. The building was designed by Emil Sodersten in association with T.W. Hodgson and Sons, Sodersten would later go on to jointly design the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

In 2016 Toland Architectural Design Partners were tasked with redesigning the interior spaces of the building, with KONE being responsible for the upgrade of the buildings elevators. BRC was engaged by KONE to manage, design and fit all lift interior spaces.

Location :

80 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Date of completion:

April 2017

Lift Contractor :

KONE Elevators

Architect / Designer:

Toland Architectural Partners

Processes involved :

Each stage of development throughout the project involved a series of steps using of a combination of in-house design and construction processes, many with multiple stages of collaboration.

Key partners in manufacturing and completion of the project :


The ceiling was created using back-lit bespoke Art Deco light panels supplied by Pixalux, innovators in Architectural light panels. which incorporate the most advanced LED light systems requiring minimal edging for a seamless finish.


Inlaid vinyl flooring was created by Activa Rubber Flooring. By creating a blend of three colours Charcoal, Tangerine and Nimbus to achieve the desired results.


Wall panels were custom made and provided by Rimex [link] Australia’s leading supplier of coloured and textured stainless steel.


Handrails were manufactured by BRC using Walnut timber provided by Anagote Timbers. Anagote supplies timber to a wide range of industries for commercial and custom applications. An institution in Marrickville, Anagote has been operating since 1983.


Black aluminium trim detailing was supplied by Universal Anodisers. Universal are one of the largest designated anodising plants in Australia and have been supplying the industry for over 50 years.