BRC Custom Designed & Manufactured Handrail


BRC teamed up with the GCI Group in Brisbane, Australia to match the latest laser cutting technology, with the detailed craftsmanship of BRC resident joiner Dirk Iwaszkiewicz to create a unique custom designed handrail for Sydney Central.

Location :

Sydney Central 477 Pitt Street Sydney

Date of completion :

August 2017

Contractor :

Not Applicable

Designer :

John Wardle Architecture

Materials :

American Oak, Stainless steel

Processes involved :

Laser cutting, standard pipe cutting, in-house custom woodcrafting, specialist collaboration.

Oak Timber Cornering


The bespoke American Oak timber corners were hand crafted by BRC’s resident joiner Dirk Iwaskiviz, using both traditional and modern equipment. A series of custom made jigs were created to carefully shape the American Oak into a rounded curve.
A trace template was created to achieve an accurate bandsaw cut, then the resulting section was processed through a series of 3 jigs. The first and second were used to plane out the edges to a smooth finish, with the third used to create the curve. The final stage in the process was to connect steel to wood.


In The Details


The key challenge faced with this project lay in achieving a seamless finish between wood and steel. Experimenting and prototyping with the stainless steel using standard machinery was producing insufficient results for BRC standards.

BRC prides itself on the details of our customisations. In order to achieve the high level of detail we insist on, and our customers have come to expect, BRC engaged GCI Group in Brisbane.

GCI have the most advanced machinery and technology to ensure the accuracy required to meet the requirements for cutting the stainless steel on the precise angle needed to sit flush with the timber.

The steel was taken to Brisbane and cut with extreme precision using GCI’s dedicated 6 axis laser to ensure unparalleled accuracy in the angle and cleanliness of the cut. The steel then returned to BRC where the wood cornering and steel now fit together in the desired seamless finish.